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.About Me

Hey There! Thanks for stopping by. I'm Adi, User Experience Architect, currently working at ICF Next.
My work involves architecting consistent, cross-platform product experiences and scalable design systems through user empathy and collaboration. I enjoy helping organizations understand their audiences and integrating customer voice in the products they build. Here's more about me.

.UX Writings

Design Systems for UX Consultants

Design in the consulting space works a bit differently than how it works in product-based companies. Over the years, we have been successful in leveraging product-specific frameworks like Agile, Scrum and tweaking them to align with the demanding and rapidly changing nature of the projects we work on.

Questions UX Designers must ask when starting on a project

A non-exhaustive list of forty questions (21 design and 19 business) that have helped me understand the business and users while starting on a new project. Some are broad and can have variations, some are specific.

.Skills and Experience Tree


I'm looking at micro-interactions and how they can be used to deliver a consistent, native user experience that lends itself to creating a unique brand image.